Schedule Pro

Schedule Pro is one of our most popular components. Start by scheduling your installations using your orders from RFMS ERP. No data entry required other than selecting the date and installer if you assign crews prior to installation. Create easy to read work tickets or use Schedule Pro in conjunction with Mobile Work Orders for your installers to access their work orders on their mobile device. After the install, use Schedule Pro’s advanced data tools to conduct post-installation follow-ups and create installer payroll using the schedule to save you time and money.

Save time and money with smarter installation scheduling

RFMS Schedule Pro is the answer to organizing your installations and crews and is built to completely integrate with the RFMS Order Entry module, allowing you to measure productivity and increase your customer service. Since Schedule Pro is designed to work across your network, it allows multiple people to work with the same schedule at the same time and to see each other’s changes instantly. Schedule Pro was designed to be used by anyone in your office from the novice user to the most advanced.

Key Benefits

Schedule installations accurately and efficiently
Manage single and multiple crew installers
Save time by paying installers based on installation schedule
View schedule in RFMS Mobile app