Customer Relationship Management App

Every sales team needs a way to manage the relationship with past, current, and potential customers. CRM provides an efficient and mobile tool to focus on retaining existing customers and gaining new customers with lead workflow and customer communication to drive sales growth.

Lead Management & Workflow Communication Visibility

Why CRM?

Every sales department needs a systematic method to gather leads, communicate with potential customers, and manage the workflow from the initial sales opportunity to closing the sale. That’s why we developed the RFMS CRM App.

If your Sales Team is struggling with:

Keeping track of leads and prospects
Managing your sales workflow
Timely communication with your customers

CRM solves these issues and more from the freedom of your mobile phone or tablet. CRM is The Missing Link.

Benefits of a CRM Platform

Efficiently manage leads

Increase sales revenue

Customer retention

Faster integration of RFMS apps

Streamline sales team procedures

Built to Manage Your Retail Sales Process

View and manage the opportunity “pipeline”
On demand reporting of win/loss ratios, time in each stage, days to close
Customer’s own web portal to view and manage the project
View a company-wide calendar for salespersons and estimators
Integrate personal calendar with Outlook and Gmail
Tight integration with Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile
On demand access to historical customer activity and remarks

CRM Meets All of Your Needs






Fulfills the Needs of Your Sales Team

Sales Professionals

Organize sales opportunities with a defined workflow
A single starting point that feeds important project requirements throughout the sales process Online customer portal providing quote and order status with two-way dialog
Advanced communication with the customer throughout the sales process via a web portal, text messages and emails

Calendar and scheduling features shared through the company
Customer profile and history
Internal notifications to let estimators know where, when and what to measure and estimate

Sales Managers

Visibility to sales process across company
On demand reporting with trends, activity and key performance metrics in real-time

The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts

Although our mobile apps can work independently of one another, combining the use of CRM, Measure Mobile, and RFMS Mobile gives your sales team a clear advantage, leading to more closed sales in less time.

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