RFMS has users in many countries, including Australasia and Canada.

Software Distributors Needed

RFMS Inc was founded in 1982. We are the largest flooring specific software company in the world. We are currently looking for distributors of our 2 product lines.

RFMS Core Software:

The RFMS core software is a full integrated piece of software connecting the sales, front office and back office operations. The software includes Point of Sale, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting and many more (please review this website for complete feature and module details). The RFMS Core software product is written in English.

Measure by RFMS:

Measure by RFMS is an industry-leading flooring estimation software product. Measure by RFMS handles estimating and layout of carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood flooring for projects of all sizes. Measure by RFMS is available in English, Spanish, French and German and is accommodates both Imperial and Metric units of measure.

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