Project Manager

Project Manager is your one-stop component to manage builder and commercial projects. Simply start a project with a name and milestone dates. Bids and estimates from RFMS ERP are automatically linked to your project. Attach any document including Measure files and use workflow actions to automatically create tasks and appointments. Project Manager gives you access to key information about your project on one screen.

Dramatically change the way you manage your projects.

RFMS Project Manager is a multi-functional program that helps you bid, sell, communicate, and keep track of all the details of any size project. With integration to RFMS Core, you can view details of an estimate, quote, or order and even the scheduled events related to the jobs as well.

Key Benefits

Create projects to manage your jobs the fast and easy way
Use milestone dates to trigger appointments and tasks
Record moisture test results
Create submittals and transmittals for your subcontractor
Important project information is readily available in one screen