Access your RFMS Business Management system data within your own applications using a standard REST API. Like most ERP software solutions, RFMS provides a suite of integrated applications that fulfill most business needs, but there are times when additional software can enhance a business process.

Integrate with Other Systems Address Unique Workflow Optimize Business Performance

Ease of Integration

The cost to develop custom integration with external applications is typically extremely high. With the RFMS API, you can utilize your own resource (software developers) to easily integrate with and add more features to existing and new applications. For example, features like website integration, CRM, order collection and project management, among others.

More Control

The RFMS API provides your software developers with tools to help them create, edit, and remove data without concerns of understanding RFMS internal business rules and without worry of data corruption.

Required Knowledge & Skills

Use of the RFMS API requires being familiar with the operation of a standard Rest API. The RFMS API uses Basic Auth to ensure secure access to the method calls available with the API level for which you’ve subscribed.

API Subscription Levels

The RFMS API is available in three subscription levels based on your requirements.  This chart explains the types of integration and data access for each level.

API Features
Create customer
Edit customer
Search for customers
Get customer
Create opportunities (quote, estimate, order header)
Get quotes and orders (headers and lines)
Update header info of quotes/orders (no editing of line items)
Post a payment to an order (not process)
Search for and get product information
Search for quotes and orders
Search for and get inventory information
Create claim headers
Export quotes to an order
Get/add attachments
Create orders (headers and lines)
Manage/edit orders (headers and lines)
Assign inventory to orders

A Simple Solution for Non-Developers

RFMS also publishes to Zapier, a tool that bridges software applications. Zapier provides virtually immediate integration to many leading applications. The RFMS API works with Zapier by providing integration functionality for popular applications to RFMS and makes integration fast and simple.