Measure Mobile

Whether you’re an estimator measuring in the field or a sales professional closing in the customer’s home, you can rely on Measure Mobile to get the job done – accurately, efficiently, and profitably.

Accurate Efficient Profitable

Why Measure Mobile?

Every flooring estimator today has a need to quickly, accurately, and professionally estimate flooring projects. Whether they are selling or simply estimating, they need to provide accurate quantity and job-site information while still in the field. 

If your Estimating and Sales Staff struggle with:

Quickly and accurately measuring, estimating, and quoting jobs
Communicating between Estimators and Sales Staff
Closing the sale

Measure Mobile solves these issues and more.

Fulfills the Needs of Each Role


Collaboration on projects in a shared project library
Easily create and organize multiple options per project to share with the customer
Integrate with RFMS for real-time access to products and services
Customizable checklist ensures that important add ons are never forgotten
Apply a margin, select a price level, or enter a Fixed Grand Total to dial in your selling amount
Export to RFMS Mobile to create quotes and orders in real-time
Wow your customers by providing an accurate, professional quote in record time


Demonstrate professionalism to your customers by using a mobile device to measure and estimate
Works with your Leica Disto Measuring device for accurate room drawings
Document critical job-site information with note-taking and photo attachment features
Fully adjustable roll plan is great for both new and experienced estimators
Work offline when a data connection is not available

Built to Estimate from Anywhere

1. Draw rooms using a Leica Disto Measuring Device or the TouchDraw Feature

2. Search for and apply flooring product from RFMS

3. Review the Checklist to include any necessary add-on products and services

4. Confirm and adjust the pricing on the Worksheet

5. Send to RFMS and email the Quote to the customer

Measure Mobile Meets Your Estimating Needs:

Ease of Use

The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts

Although our mobile apps can work independent of one another, combining the use of CRM, Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile gives your sales team a clear advantage, leading to more closed sales in less time.

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