Bid Pro

Bid Pro is our advanced estimating tool that puts you in full control of your bids and estimates. Bid Pro’s premier feature is profit cascading, which allows you to dial in the exact gross margin and profit for your project. A perfect tool for commercial, property management, and builder work.

Streamline your bidding process to win more bids and improve profitability

Designed with the unique estimating and bidding needs of floor covering operations, RFMS Bid Pro eliminates the drudgery of hand bids and estimates. This enhanced solution also integrates with RFMS Order Entry and RFMS Products to eliminate unnecessary data entry duplication. Not only can Bid Pro provide you with advanced estimating and analytical information, but the template feature also allows you to create a detailed estimate that you can use to create new estimates or customer orders with just a few easy clicks.

Key Benefits

Profit cascading allows you to set your desired margin quick and easy
Lockable templates for repeat work
Sophisticated print options exclusive to Bid Pro
Range edit-ability to update all estimates fast