Enterprise Manager

Next Level Security & Auditing

Enterprise Manager is our robust security and auditing component designed specifically for RFMS ERP. Enterprise Manager uses your Active Directory and Windows Authentication to keep prying eyes off of sensitive data and track adjustments made to the system. Always know who did what and when it happened. Enterprise Manager also allows for the creation of groups for easy deployment. 

“As a company with multiple stores and different department users, Enterprise Manager allows us to setup and restrict access to modules and processes. It’s been helpful in securing RFMS in such a way that protects the company and its users.” 

Gavin Sugihara, The Carpet Shoppe, Inc.

Key Benefits

Manage users and groups in RFMS
Assign specific roles to workers, down to the button-level
Create audit routines to monitor what is happening in your data
Customizable reports for easy analysis

Who Needs It?

Companies with multi-user databases should consider Enterprise Manager.
Perfect for companies who wish to silo access to parts of RFMS ERP.