Business Insights provides performance benchmarking against other flooring dealers. The objective is to provide a comparison outside of your business to use as a guide to adjust and improve your sales, efficiency and profitability.

Internal Benchmarking

Some benchmarking is driven from a concern that a process or method needs to be improved within a business. By analyzing your own data performance at different points in time and under differing circumstances, gaps can be identified and your methods can be improved.

Competitive Benchmarking

By comparing your business to others like yours, you can identify opportunities in services or products helping you gain a competitive edge. The data gathered in competitive benchmarking offers valuable insights into how others manage their business processes.

You’re in Control

Benchmarking is a powerful tool that promotes continuous improvements in your business. With Business Insights, you can evaluate your effectiveness with both internal and competitive benchmarking to be the best you can be.

Benchmarking Example

With Business Insights you gain a clear understanding of how you compare to other businesses like yours with built-in benchmarking metrics on virtually every dashboard. Benchmark metrics like gross margin and change in gross margin pinpoint pricing opportunities based on your region and type of business.