Major B2B Milestone

RFMS is pleased to announce that it has established b2b connectivity with 52 flooring vendors as of May 1, 2021. This allows nearly 900 RFMS clients to connect with many key b2b enabled mills, distributors, and tile companies to access product catalogs, invoices, purchase orders, ship notices and web services. RFMS is a charter member of the floorcovering b2b association (fcb2b) and is the first software company to become certified for all B2B transactions. RFMS has been a leader in B2B technology since its inception nearly 20 years ago, serving on many committees to help map the course for new standards and innovations.

Web services is one of the newest innovations that is available to all b2b clients. It allows a dealer to request a real time stock check, related items check, price check and order status check directly from RFMS core or our mobile app to a vendor. B2B vendors send back the web service response in seconds, thus keeping the client from calling customer service or having to login into each vendor’s website to view the information.    

RFMS continually invests in improving its software capabilities. One of the newest features is the addition of a B2B document processing service that maintains a seamless and stable connection between the B2B vendor and the dealer. It requires minimal client interface and works in the background to retrieve B2B catalogs, invoices, PO updates and ship notices. This service is supported by the RFMS B2B Help Desk, the largest in the industry. Help desk calls are quickly answered and training, user guides and on-line webinars are always available.  

To learn more about B2B, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-701-7367.