Multi-Family & Property Management

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Profitability

Managing multi-family, property management, and rental work have never been easier than with the RFMS software suite. RFMS has several enhanced solutions designed specifically for your market sector.

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The Workflow

It starts with our Contract Pricing component, which manages your properties, their products, and most importantly, their negotiated pricing. Never misprice a job again since Contract Pricing will always update your jobs based on the contract established for each of your customers.

The Property Manager component, in conjunction with Measure Desktop or Measure Mobile, can then be used to create proposals and estimates for your properties. You can even publish the proposals for property managers to place online orders for their properties.  

Proposals and estimates are managed in Bid Pro, which has specific tools to help you best manage your portfolio of properties. Bid Pro can quickly and easily update an entire community’s set of proposals for changes in ownership, products, pricing, and more. 

When a property contacts your business, your team can quickly locate the proposal for the unit type specified and export the order to Order Entry, add it to the installation schedule in Schedule Pro, and let RFMS ERP best assign inventory automatically with Batch Inventory Allocation.

Schedule Pro can add your jobs in batch to the schedule and after the work is done, Schedule Pro can create an installer payroll based on the quantities specified. Batch Jobcosting will even invoice and job cost your orders daily so you will never be behind on billing…ever!

As you can see, RFMS will automate and expedite multi-family and property management work, increasing both customer satisfaction and profit.

create contract for customer

create templates

export template to create order

batch schedule installations

automatically allocate inventory

batch invoice daily