Property Manager Portal COMING SOON!

The RFMS Property Manager Portal is the solution for your clients who manage multi-family properties. Imagine giving your clients access to everything they need to efficiently manage their properties, products, and orders.

Solutions for Everyone Involved

Account Manager

Use Measure Mobile to create multi-unit price lists to share with prospective Property Managers on the fly
Associate properties with existing Bid Pro templates to keep pricing up to date
Direct communication with Property Manager through the portal or via text message
Easily create visual floorplans containing each pre-configured template option
Efficiently update pricing and primary products across properties

Multi-Family Property Manager

View and approve multi-unit price list
Self-service web portal for reviewing bids, creating orders and making payments
Select room areas directly from a unit’s floorplan to order exactly what is needed for each unit

How It Works

Account Manager draws and estimates units in Measure Mobile

Account Manager shares one or more multi-unit price sheets with the Property Manager

Property Manager views and approves the price sheet online

Property Manager views approved bids and creates orders

Property Manager views existing and prior orders or creates new orders based on custom configurations

Account Manager manages the customer relationship by viewing a Property Manager’s entire portfolio of properties, units, and orders

Organize your multi-family clients by management company and property
Property managers can view an online multi-unit price list