Cutting administrative transaction costs, increase accuracy and boost customer service

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In recent years, the Web has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Today, many companies rely on the Internet to support much of their sales, customer service, back-office and supply efforts. With the right software solution and training, web-based E-Commerce (EC) solutions allow both small and large companies to slash administrative transaction costs, increase accuracy and speed and boost customer service.

Increase your Sales

Quick confirmation of purchase orders provides delivery information that is important to your customer – without the help of the order desk – all with 24/7 access. Maintains gross profit margins by automatically adjusting selling prices to reflect cost changes.

Accuracy of product catalog information provides your sales staff with reliable pricing for quotes and estimates.

Flexible and Scale-able as your Business Grows

New suppliers and distributors can be added efficiently because of the use of flooring industry standards that are supported by major suppliers and software providers. Internet communications allow for a direct link between dealers and suppliers, eliminating costly van transaction fees.

Dealers with sales in the $3 to $60 million dollar range have successfully implemented RFMS E-Commerce solution.

Save Time and Money

The elimination of manual data entry to maintain your product catalogs, process and fax purchase orders and enter supplier invoices saves your business time and money. Quick identification of discrepancies between purchase orders, invoices and receivers is done automatically. It’s unbelievable the time you will save because all the data is integrated into the rest of the RFMS system, including A/P, Products and Purchase Orders.

Training & Support

Full-time help desk support, detailed on-line help modules and comprehensive user manuals are standard with the B2B software. Training is available either through web-based e-learning or on-site at your location.