Client Management

Manage your showroom floor, sales leads, customers and contacts

Contact Sales

RFMS CMM is built to help you compete in today’s market. No matter the type of flooring projects you do (mainstreet, builder, multi-family, or commercial) you need to provide excellent customer service and get the most from your lead generation efforts. RFMS CMM is a valuable part of that objective.


CMM is comprised of three distinct areas to enable you to transform your business.

Sales Floor Manager (UPS)

Keep up with your showroom floor traffic.

Retail Sales Manager

Track contacts, prospects or customers as they relate to your sales and advertising.

Commercial Project Management

Manage and track everything about your multiple-phase projects and jobs.

Calendar and Email

Automate your communication and scheduling by using the built-in Calendar and Email capabilities in RFMS CMM. Even create mail merge documents and letters that can be sent internally or to outside customers and contacts using Outlook.

Close more Sales with RFMS CMM

Choosing a good contact management tool for your business is as important is choosing a good employee, as your choice should provide your business with everything that you and your employees need to take your sales from start to finish. The right contact management tool can help your salespeople convert more prospects into customers and turn one time customers into repeat clients.

Track more Prospects, Manage more Customers

Track and manage everything from one software program:email, meetings, files, tasks, alerts, notes, contact history, advertising campaigns and much, much more.In addition, once your sales force closes the sale, turn the prospect into a customer in RFMS with the click of the mouse.

Key Benefits of a Contact / Project Database

The 80/20 rule can help a business owner find out what is important in their flooring business. Using RFMS CMM allows you to manage customers in a database that can clearly define the 20 percent of customers who generate 80 percent of the revenue in any business.

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