Measure Desktop and Measure Mobile Beginner to Advanced Training


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For the beginner, how to draw, finding your style, settings overview, product lists, waste factors and explanations of waste. I like this to be at least a 2-hour session and if a 4-hour session is booked we will need time away from our machines at the 2-hour mark for 10 minutes unless me and the student agree to continue. Please have measure installed, log in set up, and have tried to draw as the user will be driving the program. That said, if you will be importing blueprints, have a pdf on your machine for desk top users, measure mobile users should be in a like environment as they would be typically measuring. I have always said the best way to learn these programs is by using them.
Advanced user should have an agenda on what they would like to learn. These sessions are 1 to 4-hours with the same prerequisites for time. User must have drawing and estimating experience. There are many useful buttons within Measure programs, each button can change your estimating world.
For scheduling flexible days and hours contact me directly at, please provide a phone number, and a learning agenda once added to the to your online cart.