Distributors & Wholesalers

The Software Solution That Saves You Time & Money

Distributors and wholesalers face a unique set of challenges when compared to other flooring market sectors. RFMS has adapted its popular software to work for your business too. Our specialized enhanced solutions can save your business time and money.

“RFMS has been a great asset for our company. Business Insights and The continual upgrading of the software have really made a difference in how we use our data to be a more efficient company. The staff at RFMS have also been great to work with. They always respond quickly.” 

Ryan Vaughn, Georgia Carpet Industries
RFMS Mobile

The Workflow

Contract Pricing is a must-have component allowing you to create contracts and price lists for your customers quickly and easily. Contract Pricing has the ability to copy pricelists for new customers, as well as features start and end dates for promotional pricing. Contract Pricing will supersede any pricing located elsewhere in the RFMS system, so you always know your orders and invoices will be accurate. 

Managing your orders is easy with RFMS ERP too. We have batch processing features to make load-outs a fast and easy process. Print picking tickets and delivery tickets for the day or week in a few clicks. Advanced credit monitoring tools in RFMS ERP also keep your customer’s accounts in check.

RFMS even has its own B2B E-Commerce distribution package. Offer B2B technology to your customers, even those who are not using RFMS at their businesses. Our E-Commerce is fully compliant with industry standards for electronic data interchange (EDI) in the flooring industry. Use E-Commerce distribution to transmit pricing catalogs, receive purchase orders from your customers, and send invoices when materials have been shipped. It’s all here with RFMS!

create contract for customer

transmit product catalogs

receive orders

batch process picking tickets

batch invoice daily