“RFMS has truly helped organize the way we run our business. We were originally using a financial accounting based software. However, this was not capturing our labor and material costs/profit margins in the best way, especially as we rotated inventory as quickly as we currently do. By using RFMS, we are able to forecast our need for material, as well as reducing and controlling our costs. We are able to pull demographic reports and customize what we need to capture. The functions of RFMS are not the only thing that makes RFMS a great product, however, the support I get, when needed, is always immediate. The staff at RFMS are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. You automatically feel like you’re a part of the ‘group’ anytime you speak to anyone at RFMS.”

Ellen Dickhaus

A Step Above Flooring & Installation

“We’ve been associated with RFMS for several years and over those years have been very satisfied. As our company’s grown, so has the close tie we have with the folks at RFMS. Not only do they offer products that help us stay on the forefront of the flooring industry, they back it up with excellent service.”

James Macco, President

Macco's Commercial Interiors

“We have been using RFMS for three years now. This software has significantly improved many internal processes with inventory, sales order management, accounts payable, job costing and billing throughout the company. Having the real cost by line item provides accurate job costing and accurate inventory costs at the year’s end. Profitability is itemized for each product sold along with a complete summary of profit for the entire order. The product and inventory modules are integrated with B2B e-commerce technology, which has made it easier for maintaining our product database, buying inventory, receiving inventory and maintaining inventory.”

Ashley Briggs

H.J. Martin & Son

“We’ve been an RFMS user since 1987 and we’ve seen the growth and development of the software. It has really developed into a great package. It has enabled us to grow in the last ten years from about a 9 million dollar business to an over 30 million dollar business. Two key elements of this growth are RFMS allows you to manage perpetual inventory and manage your cash and receipts in a controlled way. If you really look at the software and use it in it’s entirety, it can do some very powerful things for your business.”

Aaron Pirner

Cap Carpet & Flooring

“As a key leader in our company the integrated efficiency of RFMS has allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of the entire operation limiting potentials problems and realizing employee issues before they become costly to the company. This kind of accountability breeds efficiency from the warehouse to the sales floor and everything in between.”

Kim Flynn

M & L's Flooring

“With RFMS we are more profitable and look more professional by reducing our estimating errors and streamlining the estimating process making it possible to handle more jobs than ever before, even with a small workforce.

Our flooring business thinks a little “Out of the box” and we wanted a few custom features to streamline our product labeling process in our showroom and RFMS was easily able to customize those features for us saving hundreds of man hours and dollars in materials.”

Renee Horne

Avalanche Floor Coverings

“The support people are always kind, helpful, and friendly. Most every time, I am able to resolve my problem with their help.”

Randy Lambert

Bi-City Decor