All businesses have one thing in common: the desire for growth. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarity often ends. Every company is different, and it can be hard to grow when your “business software” doesn’t know the difference between a roll of carpet and a box of tile.

RFMS is here to help. With over 25 years of experience, we are the recognized leaders in software for the floor covering industry. Our integrated business management suite offers an unbeatable combination of powerful features, flexible options, and precision controls that can help any flooring business increase their productivity and efficiency.

Of course, too much growth can be a bad thing — unless your software can keep up. Our solution scales to support companies of any size. Start simple with our base system, or add specialized features to support complex operations. With our flexible configuration options and productivity tools, you can build a system that truly works for your business.

On-Site consulting is available to you as just one of the training options offered by RFMS. Please note that the on-site training fee does not include travel expenses. Please discuss this with either your RSA or trainer.

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Onsite Cancellation Policy
In the event you cannot attend a scheduled on-site training session, we kindly request that you cancel at least 5 business days before scheduled start date. This gives us the best opportunity to fill the time with other training sessions. You may cancel by phone (800-701-7367) or email If you cancel your onsite training session at least 5 business days prior, you can reschedule the onsite training session with no fee incurred.
If you cancel less than 5 business days prior or no-show for the onsite training session, you will be subject to a cancel/no-show fee equal to the amount paid for the training session. Regardless of when you cancel/reschedule an onsite training, you will be responsible for all cancellation fees, change fees, fare differences, and/or nonrefundable purchases made for travel arrangements.