Clarence Fortune

Regional Systems Analyst

Clarence Fortune headshot
800-701-7367, ext. 3311


Clarence has been with RFMS almost from day one. Starting as the first Sales Director in 1986, Clarence has seen the RFMS system evolve. With extensive experience in all aspects of the flooring industry, Clarence brings a valuable insight to all RFMS clients. Over the past 22 years, Clarence has been able to:
  • Develop sound business management procedures for flooring dealers
  • Evaluate existing business practices for efficiency and profitability
  • Provide dealers with practical advice on implementing the right software system for their individual needs
As one of the longest tenured staff members, Clarence has been able to work in just about every aspect of our business. Having such a wide range of opportunities of experience with both the RFMS system and RFMS users, Clarence delivers the best customer service and expertise available. These areas include:
  • Customer service
  • RFMS software knowledge
  • Client consulting
  • Seminar presentations and training
  • Team management
  • Project management and implementation

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