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It’s time to experience RFMS in the Cloud. RFMS partners with Isogent, a leading cloud hosting provider, to offer the best flooring business management software via the Cloud. Let us show you how RFMS in the Cloud will floor you!

Always Backed Up

Your RFMS server is backed up in two different compliant data centers, in two different cities, on four different power grids, on five different internet providers, with eight different battery backups and six different electric generator backups.

Always Secure

With two sets of enterprise-grade firewalls and AI-based anti-virus security, your servers are constantly monitored and kept in a secure environment so that you – and you alone – have access to your data.

Always Yours

With RFMS cloud hosting, you are always in control of your data. Isogent simply hosts it in a secure data center with reliable cloud service.

Access from Anywhere

If you’re online, you’re on RFMS. Access your services from any configured device with a simple login to the cloud, anywhere you are.

Save Time and Money

Get even more for your business with no new hardware or network setup required. Plus, lower upfront costs to start using RFMS with reliable IT support from Isogent, boosts your business’s productivity from day one.

Customize Your Cloud Stack

Reap the benefits of competitively priced high-speed Internet and easily add VPN connections, file services, data backups, workflow, and print or paperless solutions.

Add Microsoft Solutions

Upgrade to Office 365 for email, Intune for device management, Active Directory to automate network management, and Microsoft Office to improve your productivity.

Maintain Flexibility

Get the latest updates and features from RFMS with a simple log in your cloud from anywhere. Customize your cloud services with SQL customizations and additional services.

Flexible Delivery Options

Access your cloud services via a published application, remote desktop services, terminal server access, a Virtual Desktop (VDI), and even an iPad.

How Does RFMS Cloud Hosting Work?

Cloud hosting is simple, your RFMS data is hosted on Isogent’s servers and you access it via an internet connection. Whether you are a new or existing RFMS client, we have a solution that will work for your business. Imagine your company without an onsite server to maintain, update, and backup.

Don’t Leave Empty Handed

Contact us today to speak to one of our Client Success Managers and learn how RFMS solutions will benefit your business.