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RFMS the first software provider to be certified by the fcB2B organization

October 8, 2020

RFMS, Inc. – October 2020 – Tuscaloosa, AL. Resource & Financial Management Systems Inc. (RFMS), is pleased to announce that it is the first software provider to be certified by the fcB2B organization.

This certification showcases RFMS as a company with a commitment to improving the e-commerce process between its users and flooring vendors. Certification establishes a higher standard of data accuracy and uniformity between mills/manufacturers, software companies, and their end-users (flooring businesses).

Becoming certified by the fcB2B takes time and commitment. RFMS sits on several committees within the fcB2B and strives to establish more conformity from all fcB2B participants, producing a more standard form of the documents (data). This standardization reduces ambiguity between vendors and software developers. “After two years of working out the documents in committee and then voting on them as members, RFMS then went on to bring these changes to fruition within our software”, says Cheryl Allen, Director of E-commerce for RFMS, Inc. Allen also says that “with the release of version 20 of RFMS we are now fully compliant with the latest version 3.0 of the fcB2B e-commerce documents. After months of programming and testing, we were ready to start the certification process. It took three weeks of testing multiple scenarios with product catalogs, purchase orders, acknowledgments, advance shipping notices, and invoices”.

For users of the RFMS E-commerce software, the certification means that years of experience and commitment by all parties involved have come together to provide a product that can and does improve the dealer’s efficiency and profitability.

For vendor companies, being certified by the fcB2B tells the industry that they participate to produce a product that has been designed to follow strict EDI guidelines for interpreting data and making a more productive and reliable experience for the End User – RFMS Users. The fcB2B program has set the year-end date of 2021 for all members to become compliant with the new standards and become certified.

Allen mentions that “RFMS is proud to have worked with the fcB2B on this project from the earliest stages. We are honored to be at the forefront of software partners achieving this distinction of fcB2B Certified. Our goal has always been to make operational processes more efficient for our clients, aiding them in their success. RFMS continues to be committed to improving the user experience with B2B e-commerce, as well as our relationships with the many vendors that are coming together to make this certification process possible.”

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