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Integration and industry-specific applications are the heart of the RFMS applications. Every flooring dealer has specific and unique needs when it comes to the processes that are used in their daily business flow. We realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to software. That’s why we offer many add-on modules and products that allow you to select certain programs “a-la-carte” to suit both your business and financial needs.

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RFMS Mobile

RFMS Mobile is designed for the sales professional on the go. By providing direct access to RFMS Order Entry, users can stay up to date with their ongoing projects and sales opportunities at all times and generate new quotes and orders whenever and wherever!

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Customer Relationship Management App

Enhance your sales department with CRM to provide a systematic method to gather leads, communicate with potential customers and manage the workflow from the initial sales opportunity to closing the sale.

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Bid Pro

RFMS Bid Pro eliminates the drudgery of hand bids and estimates. Bid Pro was designed with the unique estimating and bidding needs of floor covering operations. As an added plus, Bid Pro is integrated with RFMS Order Entry and RFMS Products to eliminate unnecessary data entry duplication.

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Schedule Pro

The RFMS Schedule Pro program makes managing your flooring installations a simple task. With specialized tools and features at your disposal, you’ll be able to quickly schedule and track jobs and crews. Schedule Pro is built to completely integrate with the RFMS Order Entry module, allowing you to measure your installation capacity and increase your productivity and customer service.

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In recent years, the Web has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Today, many companies rely on the Internet to support much of their sales, customer service, back office and supply efforts. With the right software solution and training, web based E-Commerce (EC) solutions allow both small and large companies to slash administrative transaction costs, increase accuracy and speed and boost customer service. VIEW CURRENT VENDOR COMPARISON CHART

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Don't miss a thing with RFMS Notifications. Use Email, text, desktop and RFMS Interoffice Mail to communication with other RFMS users or your customers..

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Client Management

RFMS CMM is built to help you compete in today’s market. No matter the type of flooring projects you do (mainstreet, builder, multi-family, or commercial) you need to provide excellent customer service and get the most from your lead generation efforts. RFMS CMM is a valuable part of that objective.

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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit by RFMS is a software program which allows the depositing of payroll funds into employee account electronically. Direct Deposit integrates with the RFMS payroll module, eliminating the need for additional data entry. Direct Deposit also eliminates the need for paper checks, thus reducing payroll processing time.

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Inventory Barcoding

Hardware that works with the Inventory Barcoding software module that is integrated with RFMS Inventory and works with a hand-held laser tricoder to speed up the time it takes to do physical inventories. Uploads into RFMS Inventory for quick and accurate reconciliation.

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The RFMS API utility allows communication with other software applications for the purposes of creating customers, quotes, orders and estimates.

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New Home Management System

A product developed for flooring contractors in the builder market, NHMS makes subdivision bidding and pricing easy and creates point-and-click design center selections and pricing. NHMS pulls products and labor rates from RFMS Products module and imports takeoffs from RFMS Measure. After the design center selections are made, exact material quantities based on home buyer selections are pulled from RFMS Measure and an order is generated.

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