key performance

Business Insights provides performance benchmarking against other flooring dealers. The objective is to provide a comparison outside of your business to use as a guide to adjust and improve your sales, efficiency and profitability.

By measuring sales, you can determine if your retail business is achieving it's optimal level of sales on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Marketing Effectiveness
Using benchmarks to measure the investment in marketing and determine if you are achieving the appropriate level of sales and profit with your marketing dollars.

Profit Effectiveness
Benchmarks can provide insight to Sales, Gross Margin and Expenses in your market.

Benchmarking Examples

Gross Margin
Profitability & Expenses
Benchmarking Gross Margin

Clearly see how your Gross Margin compares to other dealers like you. Easily filter to the type of business you want to compare and see actual benchmark values over time as recent as yesterday.

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Benchmarking Profitability & Expenses

Net profit and expenses are key indicators to focus on. With Business Insights, you’ll have access to how other dealers are performing Net Profit % benchmarking. You can also see detail of Operating Expense % and understand how you’re business compares.

Easily filter to the type of business you want to compare your business to and see actual benchmark values over time.

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