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RFMS has been the preferred software of choice for the Australasian flooring industry since 1999. We are proud to support customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, using local staff who are passionate about the flooring industry, and passionate about what RFMS can do for your business. We have over 120 stores already successfully using RFMS as their integrated flooring solution in the local region.

Our team of 8 staff recognize the implementation of a fully integrated solution is a significant investment in the future of your business. We would be happy to discuss with you how to get the most out of that investment.

The RFMS Australasia Team

Chris Ogden – CEO & Sales Director
+64 21 341 005

Chris has an extensive background in the flooring industry. After a fifteen year career in the banking industry, he was a partner in a large and very successful flooring retail business. He was chairman of Carpet Court New Zealand for 12 years and was appointed CEO, then COO of Flooring Brands, before forming RFMS Australasia in 2011. Having owned and operated a flooring business, he has an understanding of the industry which is invaluable in helping owners and managers implement the change to an integrated management solution.

Christine Ogden – Operations Director
+64 21 668 418

Christine brings nearly 30 years experience in the flooring industry across many different roles. Christine became a partner in a large flooring business that experienced tremendous growth over the years that she owned it. On selling the business she had a number of roles within Flooring Brands, including General Manager of the Dunedin store, Regional Manager, and then COO. Since March 2013 she has been with RFMS Australasia training and implementing RFMS and consulting to flooring businesses both in Australia and New Zealand.

Greg Taane – Systems Administrator
+64 27 227 5215

Greg has 16 years experience in the IT field supporting clients with their hardware and networking requirements. Greg can assist all of our clients deal with IT issues regardless of size or complexity.

Suzie Monk – Trainer

Suzie has been in the flooring industry since 1988. She held various senior administration roles before taking on the challenge of commercial manager for a large flooring business. She has worked in all sorts of roles within the flooring industry and she has also been known to help out on the tools with my husband, who was a flooring contractor, before getting into sales. In her last role she experienced first-hand the implementation of RFMS into the business and she now brings all of that experience to her role as an RFMS trainer. She enjoys the process of helping our customers implement RFMS into their business.

Vicki Hunt – Trainer

Vicki comes from a background in training, hospitality, and the retail sector. Most recently she spent 16 years running a very successful Carpet Court store in Wellington. While at Carpet Court, she was involved in installing RFMS into the business and got to experience the benefits of having a fully integrated and “real time” system in place. She is keen to share her knowledge and experience with other flooring retailers assisting them to improve their business.

Leslie McNab – Trainer

Leslie has come to us with many years of experience in an administration role at a successful flooring business that used RFMS. Leslie has lots of experience in the financial reporting/admin functions of RFMS but trains our new clients in most aspects of the RFMS Core modules. As with all of our trainers Leslie will also assist with support.

Nicky Kenny – Support Desk Analyst

Nicky has a background in flooring and in training and she is the first person to handle a support request. Nicky will either handle the request herself or enlist the assistance of the appropriate people within the RFMS support network here in Australasia and the US.

Sarah Hayward – Project Support

Sarah works with our Project Managers to ensure data builds for our new clients are completed on time. Sarah’s field of expertise lies in pulling together legacy data for a new client and using the RFMS importing tools to bring that data into RFMS.

Contact & Support

Australia 1800.229.427
New Zealand Phone: 0.800.643.012
NZ direct dial: +64 (0)3.489.7364


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