Customer Relationship Management App

Built to Manage Your Retail Sales Process

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Why CRM?

Every sales department needs a systematic method to gather leads, communicate with potential customers and manage the workflow from the initial sales opportunity to closing the sale. With the CRM App your sales staff can manage the sales process with their phone, tablet or at their desk.

CRM benefits everyone on the sales team:

  • Organize sales opportunities with a defined workflow
  • A single starting point that feeds important project requirements throughout the sales process
  • Online customer portal providing quote and order status with two-way dialog
  • Advanced communication with the customer throughout the sales process via a web portal, text messages and emails
  • Calendar and scheduling features shared through the company
  • Customer profile and history
  • Internal notifications to let estimators know where, when and what to measure and estimate


Sales Managers
  • Visibility to sales process across company
  • On demand reporting with trends, activity and key performance metrics in real-time


CRM meets all of your needs:
  • Workflow
  • Integration
  • Communication
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting