Credit Card Processing

Integrated and cost-effective

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The best credit card rates available coupled with the best technology equals cost savings to your business. The RFMS Credit and Card Services module is seamlessly integrated within Order Entry and is easy to learn and use.

Do you want to save money?

We all need every competitive advantage we can find during these challenging economic times. With the new Credit and Card Services module, (RFMS CCS) you can take advantage of a proven method of savings when taking credit card payments from your customers.

Save Time!

RFMS CCS was designed to save time for you and your staff. The product’s integration with RFMS ensures that you only enter data once, eliminating duplicate data-entry into multiple programs.

The product “looks and feels” like RFMS, so your learning curve (if there is one) will be short.

Check with an RFMS representative to find out how you can begin saving money on your credit card transactions today!

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