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The Flooring Solution to Quickbooks®

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Every year, more and more businesses are adopting cloud. Now, RFMS has a solution for smaller sized flooring dealers who don’t have dedicated IT staff. Take a look at five reasons why flooring dealers are adding the cloud to their technology arsenals.

#1 : It offers mobile, remote access to RFMS
  • Your flooring business does not have to be chained to your desk
  • Access the full RFMS program using any device–anywhere
  • Turn your phone or tablet into your mobile showroom
  • Go on vacation and easily stay up to date with everything


#2 : It reduces your technical maintenance expenses
  • No more need for dedicated servers at your location
  • Always have an off-site backup in case of catastrophes
  • Huge savings on expenditures on hardware
  • Get back to being a flooring dealer–not an IT expert


#3 : It ensures 99.9% up-time for business operations
  • Hosting company maintains the server hardware and connections
  • Stay connected even if your store is not (power outages, etc.)
  • Less worry, more selling


#4 : It is easy to stay current on RFMS enhancements
  • Included are automatic updates to the RFMS software
  • Always be current with the latest enhancements
  • Run your flooring business, not your software


#5 : It allows you to replace Quickbooks
  • Low monthly fee makes using RFMS in your business affordable
  • Take advantage of the flooring specific features that Quickbooks® doesn’t have – like Roll Inventory Management
  • Avoid the costs of maintaining in-house software (backups, updates, etc.)



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