Access your RFMS Business Management System data within your own applications using a standard REST API

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RFMS has developed an API for our customers to allow them to connect to applications external to RFMS software. This allows RFMS users to work with these applications without having to know the details of the data structures and business rules required by RFMS.

Ease of Integration

Like most ERP software solutions, RFMS provides a suite of integrated applications that fulfill most business needs. But there are times when additional software can enhance a business process. Prior to the API the cost to develop integration with external applications was extremely high. With the RFMS API, you can utilize your own resource (software developers) to easily integrate with and add more features to existing and new applications. For example, features like website integration, CRM, order collection and project management among others.

More Control

The RFMS API provides your software developers with tools to help them create, edit and remove data without concerns of understanding RFMS internal business rules and without worry of data corruption.

Required Knowledge and Skills

Use of the RFMS API requires being familiar with the operation of a standard Rest API. The RFMS API uses Basic Auth to ensure secure access to the method calls available to your account