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Products – Prices and Formulas – Using Generated Prices as Variable in Other Formulas

July 27, 2017

Generate prices can be used as variables in subsequent formulas. Prices are represented by ‘P1’, ‘P2’, ‘P3’, etc. up to ‘P12’. A Price variable can be used referencing a previous price level only so that Price Level 1 cannot use any price variables, Price Level 2 can use ‘P1’ only. Price Level 3 can use […]

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Products – Prices and Formulas – Formulas

July 25, 2017

For the next couple of posts, we will be looking at formulas.  If you have any questions or tips about formulas, please email me and I will try to include them. Formulas The parameters for creating a Products formula are shown on the bottom of the screen. When in the Item screen retail installation is […]

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Products – Prices and Formulas – Show Cost/Price Comparison

July 20, 2017

When checked, the Prices and Formula Screen displays an estimated gp% of each price level based Cost, Freight and Overhead Margin as used in order entry. (Cost of installation, use tax, and other costs that may be applicable in customer orders are not included.)The highest cost is used for rolls, and freight is excluded on […]

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Products – Prices and Formulas – Rounding

July 18, 2017

In creating Products formulas, first we need to determine if prices are to be rounded.  On the Prices and Formulas screen, there are many rounding tools available.  Today, we will look at some of these rounding tools that are not self explanitory.   Truncate Cents Selecting this option allows you to round by completely taking […]

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Products – Selling Prices for Products

July 13, 2017

For the next couple of post we are going to look at prices in the Products module. Today’s post will be a general overview of the feature. Products>File> (Rolls, Items or Services) The Prices selection is used to apply multiple selling prices.  Price Ranges are calculated using basic algebraic formulas. From the browse screen, single […]

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Products – The Products Tool Bar

July 10, 2017

Products>File> (Rolls, Items or Services) Today we are looking at the tool bar that is shown at the top of the Rolls, Items and Services screens.  Below is a chart of each button and brief definition of its use. Roll Products Item Products Service Products      

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Products – Reports – Export Product Information

July 6, 2017

Products>Report>Export Product Info This report gives the ability to select framing parameters, set sort order, and choose what product information to export to a CSV file that can be imported into Excel or another program for printing pricing lists or custom tags. Step One – Set Framing Parameters  The framing parameters follow the same range […]

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Products – Reports – Inactive Colors

June 29, 2017

Reports>Inactive Colors This report list colors that are or will become inactive between the date range selected regardless of current status of  the product. This report may be used to report on color that will become inactive in the future without effecting the status of the color. It will not mark any color inactive. This […]

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Products – Report – Inactive Products

June 28, 2017

Reports>Inactive Products This report list products that are or will become inactive during the date range specified regardless of the current status of the product.  This report is a way to look at products that will inactive in the future without effecting the status of the product. It does not mark products inactive. This report […]

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Products – Reports – Promotional Cost Expiration

June 27, 2017

Products>Reports>Promo Cost Report This report will print a list of promotional costs that will expire within the time period specified.  Cost listed will include the most recent promotional cost within the time period. The report can be sorted in a variety of ways by selected one of the options under Select Order to Sort Report. […]

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