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Products – Quick Pricing

May 25, 2017

Products>File>Quick Pricing This option will allow globally pricing a showroom.  Selling Prices are calculated by multiplying the product costs by a specific percentage.   The Quick Pricing Markup window allows adding, editing or deleting the selling prices of the product records within the selected product type (rolls, items or services). This screen allows applying factors […]

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Products – Price Range Edit – Criteria for Edit – Part 2

May 23, 2017

Today we are going to continue to  look at some of the criteria used to edit in Price Range Edit. The rest of the criteria buttons are a variety of fields found in the Products record. When one of these are selected, then the Select screen appears.  On this screen, certain criteria can be selected […]

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Products – Price Range Edit – Criteria for Edit – Part 1

May 18, 2017

Today we are going to look at some of the criteria used to edit in Price Range Edit. Select Product Code(s) This screen allows you to select the type of product you are looking for and tag the Product Codes needed.  You may select individual codes or click the tag all button to select all […]

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Products – Price Range Edit – Parameters

May 17, 2017

Today we are going to look at the Parameters for Price Range Edit Products>File>Price Range Edit We are looking at the Clear, Save, and Load options at the top of the Price Range Edit screen. Clear Clear starts the criteria over with blank screen Save Save will save the criteria selected so it can be loaded […]

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Products – Price Range Edit – Overview

May 16, 2017

Today we are going to look at an overview for Price Range Edit. Products>File>Price Range Edit Doing a range edit allows establishing general products formulas that can be used for any or all inventory.  It alleviates the need of entering them in each individual Products record. When adding individual new products records, the Selling Prices […]

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Products – General Range Edit – Range Criteria

May 9, 2017

Since we had some issues with the website, I wanted to go ahead and publish today.  I will not be sending out anymore blogs this week due to the RFMS Owner’s Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.  I want to keep check on the blogs to make sure that the notifications are working.  We will start back […]

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Products-General Range Edit – Overview and Edit Section

May 5, 2017

Products>File>General Range Edit If a cost factor (pad, freight, installation costs, etc.) or descriptive field (Style, Name, etc.) should change, there is no need to update individual product records.  This can be accomplished globally by denoting what factor needs adjusting through this selection.  If there are records tagged for printing and change costs before printing, […]

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Products- File Menu

April 20, 2017

First thank you all for answering my survey last week.  If you have not, you can still do that.  The link is One of the things that a lot of you said that was hard or that you needed more help with was Products, so I am going to do must best to break the […]

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April 18, 2017

We are going to start today breaking down the Products module.  Hopefully this will help with any issues or questions you have. Products Overview The Products File is a master product list. Using the Products module reduces data entry time, maintains consistency and creates the highest level of control.  Customizable formulas are available to compute […]

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Your Turn…

April 13, 2017

Today I have a short poll that I would appreciate if you guys would answer. This will help me plan my blogs for the next couple months so that they are more beneficial to you. Loading…

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