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Our first client began using our software in 1984, and is still an active user of the most current RFMS tools available. Since then, RFMS has automated over 3,000 dealers operating in 7,000+ locations. RFMS is the only flooring software company that is directed by a profitable flooring dealer, hence the only flooring software developer that provides complete business modeling ranging from system training to long-term business planning and execution.

The RFMS business management system originated as a management system created by an owner of successful floor covering businesses. Now with two decades of programming and development, RFMS is recognized as one of the most valuable software management systems.

Because of the uniqueness of the flooring industry, generic accounting systems simply do not meet the requirements of today’s savvy business owners. It is because of these requirements that RFMS is engineered “from the ground up” to address the specific accounting, inventory and sales functions that flooring operations demand. These include handling a range of products, both stock and special order, as well as all associated services incurring labor cost.

With the flooring industry as the initial focus and speciality, RFMS has become a leading software solution to a variety of industries whose companies need this unique solution of combined product and service management and control.

A comprehensive floor covering business management software system that provides the tools your business needs to realize its greatest potential. RFMS software is in a class by itself. Designed and built from scratch specifically for the floor covering industry, RFMS fully utilizes the strengths of today’s technology.

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Terry Wheat

President and Founder of RFMS, Inc.

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Why choose us

We, the employees of RFMS, hold the following core values as our overriding beliefs and allow them to guide us in our day-to-day operations and when making all corporate decisions. Although our business objectives may change, this corporate philosophy shall remain constant. Our specific goals will always be based on these values.

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