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Working Together to Make the Blog Better

November 19, 2015

First, let me say thank you so much for reading the blog and for giving your feedback on the survey.  With your help, we can make Bits N Bytes even more helpful.

The first change is that we will only be publishing a blog twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) with one exception.  When we have a new version of RFMS coming out, I will be publishing the Coming Attractions blog 4 days a week to make sure that I can get everything in.  I feel that this makes it easier for you to understand the changes in RFMS, because you can look at them slowly and a few at a time.

Just because we are only going to two days does not mean that the blog post will get longer or less informative.  My desire is to give you a little information to get your brain thinking.  The best place to get every detail on a topic is our Help Desk.  We have tons of documents and videos posted there.  If something you need isn’t there, just let me know and I will work on creating it.

Another change is that we will no longer have getting to know you or fun type blogs.  Since we are cutting back on the number of postings a week, this would just take away from the RFMS content.

I appreciate all your comments and thoughts that you gave on the survey and if for some reason you haven’t taken the survey, you can still voice your opinion.  Just click here.